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Oklahoma City Hospice is proud to present a special kind of care that is a model for quality and compassion for people who are facing life-limiting illnesses. Our team provides comfort and support, promotes dignity, and affirms quality of life for the patient, family members and other loved ones. In the process, our patients and their families become part of our shared story and we have the honor of becoming a part of theirs. 

That is why It's all about the stories....."

At OKC Hospice, our focus is truly patient-centered. We believe that hospice care should be supportive, generous and creative in its methods of meeting needs. Whether it's providing a "date" for a homebound client & spouse, a fishing trip to a local lake, one more chance to see the thoroughbreds race at Remington Park, a wedding ceremony, or even a trip to Eischen's for chicken, we try to make wishes come true. 

" Through my years as a hospice doctor, I have learned that dying does not have to be agonizing. When people are relatively comfortable and know that they are not going to be abandoned, they frequently find ways to strengthen bonds with people they love and try to create moments of profound meaning in their final passage"  -- Ira Byock, MD

" You matter to the last moment of your life, and we will do all we can, not only to help you die peacefully, but to LIVE until you die" -- Dame Cicely Saunders (founder of the first modern hospice)

City Hospice  
Locally owned and operated at 
235 North MacArthur Suite 500. Oklahoma City, Ok. 73127
Phone (405) 942-8999
Toll Free (866) 387-2188
Fax (405) 942-0047

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